Why Consumer Reports is Wrong

Why Consumer Reports is Wrong!

Commentary by Jay Miskin, A Action Appliance Repair Glastonbury:

Consumer Reports recently printed a chart recommending that you should replace your appliances as soon as it reaches as little as 3 years. They recommend replacing all appliances regardless of any factor should it fail between 6 and 8 years. (Other than built-in ovens). I cannot believe that a person would just throw away a refrigerator or washer that cost more than $1200 without ever knowing all of the facts. Your decision should be based on valid information before committing to spend hundreds of dollars.

To say that most appliances are not worth repairing after a set period of time is speculative at best. Why is your neighbor's appliances lasting 12 years and counting, still running strong, when you have the same brand but are told to replace yours after six. Are they on borrowed time for 6 years?

Used appliance dealers are finding that 75% of the appliances discarded are not broken or in need only a minor repair. In fact, when we visit our customers, 80% choose to have their appliance fixed. The average repair is around $200. This is a great return on your investment. You can expect to receive more than 2-5 additional years of service.

Energy Star appliances are wonderful for saving energy compared to an appliance from ten years ago. This is, in reality, only a few dollars of savings per year in most cases. Due to the increasing government standards, manufacturers have cut energy usage by installing complex electronic parts in new machines. This leads to repairs that are more expensive. Electronic parts are often connected to each other. When one component fails, it may damage attached motherboard assemblies. Additionally, manufacturers pass the higher cost of appliance production on to you, the consumer.

Bottom line, if your appliance breaks prematurely, either the product is poorly engineered, it was installed incorrectly, or was not used in the manor it was intended. You may be one of the unlucky few to have gotten a "lemon".

If you have a professional replace the worn parts on a good appliance, you can expect many additional years of service. Your decision to repair or replace the appliance should be based on the condition rather than an arbitrary age.

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